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Functions of Abdominal Muscles

Flat BellyAll abdominal muscles work simultaneously, together forming the wall of the somach. They have many essential functions.

Stabilizing function

Together with back muscles the abdominal muscles stabilize our body and help us stay upright. Abdominal muscles oppose the back muscles. It means that the back muscles bend torso back and abdominal muscles bend it forward. Balance between both makes us stay upright.

Motor function

Motor function comes directly from the stabilizing function. Abdominal muscles let us do many movements such as:

  1. Lifting the torso from laying position to sitting position.
  2. Twisting the torso.
  3. Moving the hips.
  • So when next time you will get up from bed, you will know that you are doing it with the use of abdominal muscles.
  • When you will turn around to see who is calling you, you will also use them.
  • Hula hop exercise is possible mostly thanks to abs.

Protective Function

Abdominal muscles and ribs protect the internal organs and keep them inside the body. They protect the delicate organs from the injuries from outside. So next time when you get struck by the ball kicked by you neighbor's son, your intestines will be kept safe thanks to the abdominal muscles.

Auxiliary function

Our abdominal muscles have also an auxiliary function. When they stretch and shrink they make it possible for many physiological functions to take place. For example breathing and speaking.