Ultimate situps training

ABS2 Training Schedule

Rules of the training

  • Train every day – ABS2 has to be trained daily as all abdominal muscle exercises.
  • Don't skip any levels - Every series of ABS2 is important. Start with first one and don't jump to the next one until you really fell that you are ready.
  • If you are a beginner, we encourage you to start your adventure with Weider 6 Pack Training, because it;s easier. But if you rally need to train ABS2, start with the beginners level, which will rise your endurance and strength before you will start level 1.

Move on to the next level only if you're ready

You should jump to the next series only when the level you are training at the moment isn't developing you at all any longer. When you do the series with ease and without any tiredness. Only then should you move on to the next level.

Do every level until it stops being sufficient. It can even be a couple of weeks until it stops being sufficient. You move on to the next level when doing current one you aren't tired anymore – when it stops being any challenge at all. Remember that there is no reason to hurry – it's all about being thorough and developing your abdominal muscles.

  • Level 8 is good enough. If you reach level 8 you can stay on it – doing level 8 every day will keep your muscles at perfect condition. 
  • Level 9 – level for tough guys. This level is for people who really think that 8 is not enough and they want more.

Have fun!

ABS2 Trainig Schedule