Ultimate situps training

Proper Sit-Ups

Exercise Frequency

Abdominal muscles are one of few muscles that you can train basically every day. Regular, daily training gives you healthy development of these muscles.

At this point we have to stress though, that it is not good to over-train yourself. If you feel that your muscles are tired and sore, you must take a break. Sometimes one day will do, sometimes you will need more time – even a week. We all are different and every each one of us trains with different pace. You definitely have to adjust your training to your body.

In other words, you have to approach sit-ups the same way you approach other forms of exercise – reasonably. You have to put an effort to it to develop the muscles but you cannot exaggerate – because you can hurt yourself.

Watch your spine

Many forms of exercise, our programme included, are about rising the upper part of the body using abs or about rising legs. You can damage your spine if you will not do those exercises correctly.

You have to take into consideration the following elements:

  1. Lumbar segment of the spine should touch the ground when rising your legs and when rising the upper body. You should only bend your upper torso and not rise your body up to the sitting position. The most injurious thing in sit-ups is rising the torso with straight back – you should avoid that. Straining your spine and rising the lumbar segment stresses the whole spine under an unnatural angle.
  2. You should use only your abdominal muscles while rising the upper torso – you have to avoid rising your head with the use of your shoulders, because this way you can damage the cervical segment of the spine. So if you want to avoid the damage – and you do – don't grab your head with your hands. It's better to softly touch your temple with your fingers, put your arms on your chest or hold your arms in front of you.

Other contraindications

Our programme is prepared for healthy persons. If you have any contraindications lub you are not sure if there are none don't start any of our trainings without consulting your doctor first. Remember that these exercises are meant to make you healthier, stronger and more beautiful. If there is any risk that they can harm you it really isn't worth trying them without prior consultation with the doctor – he will help you make the right decision.